What we need

A mesh-based P2P
messaging network

80 billion mobile messages are sent each day via carriers and ISPs. Mobile mesh networks offer an anti-fragile, decentralized alternative that can extend connectivity to places centralized networks can’t.

Our plan

Develop the Lot49 protocol

This whitepaper describes our open-source plan for including incentive payments along with data to encourage successful delivery by nodes in the network. Users pay each other, instead of a centralized ISP or mobile carrier, for providing essential communication services. Lot49 builds on technology developed for the Bitcoin Lightning Network to drive mesh network adoption by incentivizing coverage and capacity where and when it is needed.
Global Mesh Labs
How we get there

Build your own mesh to SMS gateway

A local decentralized peer-to-peer payment and messaging system can leverage legacy networks to gain global reach. Join the Global Mesh Labs team in building mesh-based SMS gateways in your community as a first step towards building a global network.

Global Mesh Labs