Richard Myers
Decentralized Applications Engineer
Richard studied Information and Computer Science at the University of California, Irvine, where he received both BS and MS degrees. He has worked as a professional software developer specializing in C++ application design and implementation for 25 years. Richard co-founded Bytabit AB, and has been interested in both the technology and political implications of bitcoin for many years. Richard is passionate about tools that empower decentralized societies.
Daniela Perdomo
Mesh Networking Technologist
Daniela is the co-founder & CEO of goTenna, and incubated the idea (watch her 2017 talk here) for what eventually became Lot49 through her work building the world's first consumer-ready mobile mesh networking system, goTenna Mesh. Inspired by the #imeshyou community, she hopes the open-source Lot49 protocol will drive the build-out of an infrastructure-free global-scale decentralized mesh network, free of carriers and ISPs.
Jonathan Harvey-Buschel
Intern, Off-Chain Protocol Development
Johnathan works on Off-Chain Protocol Development for the summer. Jonathan is pursuing a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) from MIT. He is an Undergraduate Researcher at MIT Media Lab and President of the MIT Bitcoin Club.
Will Clark
Bitcoin Application Engineer, Global Mesh Labs
Will works on Bitcoin/Lightning App Development. Will has been a Technical & Quality Engineer and an Export Sales Engineer is currently self-teaching himself programming. He will be developing an approach to paying Lightning invoices over the goTenna Mesh network and integrating the public goTenna Mesh SDK into a system using open-source Bitcoin Lightning.